🎄 F.A.Q.

The main reason why players are not getting invitations from the tournament bot is the Dota 2 ingame option "Block party invites from non-friends". In order to fix that problem go to the Options > Advanced options > Social and disable that option.
Team rating is a numerical representation of competitive strength based on a comparative assessment of their quality, standard or performance. The initial rating of all teams is 1000. Rating updates after every competitive match. The team that won a competitive match gains unique amount of points based on the difference between their own rating and the rating of their opponents, while the team that got defeated also loses unique amount of points. Team ratings are calculated by ESM.zone engine.
Every team has extra 10 minutes after the scheduled game time to get ready. If extra time is spent by one of the teams, opposite team’s captain can request a technical defeat for his opponents. In order to request a technical defeat team captain has to make an ingame screenshot which approves that his team is ready to start the match, while opposite team is not. Screenshot and description must be uploaded to the match chat on ESM.zone.
In any kind of arguable situation team has an option to pause the game and contact the referee. In order to contact the referee team captain has to upload the screenshot of the problem and detailed description to the match chat. Team can send a report to the match chat within 10 minutes after the game is finished. Referee’s nicknames are marked with purple colour in every match chat. Also you can see the referee list on the bottom of this page.
Kz.TeMa - chief referee